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It is the first day of school and you're just giddy with excitement! You may be welcoming a new class of children that will quickly become your family, or you may be like me and meeting your sweet friends from years past that will be visiting your room soon during their special time. 


Either way, you want to dress to impress! A great and easy way to do this is with these shoes! I made this without intentions to ever put it in a blog, so I will write out the steps and link as much as possible! 


Materials: Canvas shoes from Hobby Lobby, acrylic paints, brushes, Modge Podge Spray sealant


Step 1: Gather your materials and prep your area

I used a diet coke box turned inside out to help block the paint from my kitchen countertop. I then was able to just use all of my paints willy-nilly without any clean-up worries! 


Step 2: Draw with pencil your "guide" lines

I put my pencil black tip, the spot where the orange outside begins, and the metal ring. My inspirational picture was from Brittany Young, Certified Celebrator, but I wanted to do my own twist! 


Step 3: Get to painting! 

I started with he black tip (because helloooooo, who can mess that up?!) and the brown "wood" part of the pencil. I would then paint the pink eraser on the heel. I would switch between shoes as one dried, I would paint the other. There's more in depth pictures to show you the process! 


Step 4: Add the cute details! Well this is all up to your taste, but I love polka dots so I thought why not?! I used a round sponge brush because I can't free hand a circle to save my life. Well I then went and painted the adorable orange lines down the yellow part and HATED it. Well that was an easy fix, I slapped some extra yellow on top and no one was the wiser! 


Step 5: This step is totally optional, however I love an outline! I added a black crisp line around the edges of the different levels with a thin brush. 


Step 6: Seal it all in! I sprayed right there on my kitchen counter (hoping if I ruin them, we can replace sooner). I used iridescent mode lodge spray and loved the effect. All the girls at school said that was one shiny pencil! 


Hope you enjoy making your pencil shoes! 


ou are full from your Thanksgiving meal, shopped until you dropped supporting Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Now it is time to realize that school comes back for three weeks before break! I am beyond thrilled to get to pull all of my favorite resources for the holiday season. Teachers Pay Teachers is truly a wonderful platform that supports teachers and helps get resources into all types of classrooms. 

They also have a sale starting Sunday November 26th and lasting until Monday November 27th. Some people may choose to only have a few products discounted, while I chose to put my ENTIRE store on sale! 

Go support those teacher-authors, watch them on Instagram do a happy dance when you support them.

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Printer Picture.jpg

Have you found printer peace? 

It has taken me many printers, computers, and ink plans to find printer peace. After all this trial and error, I wanted to share with you the PERFECT combination. 

I purchased the HP Deskjet 3700 back in the summer when the HP Instant Ink craze was coming about. I jumped on the bandwagon with two feet and have had zero regrets since. The printer is small and compact, but prints rather fast and always has clear crisp lines! My favorite part is that it allows for HP air drop. Say if I am at work and need something printed at home in color, I just hop on the HP app and drop the file there. I mean it couldn't be more of a dream, except if the paper refilled itself. 

The HP instant ink program paid for itself the first time I received my ink cartridges in the mail. I was constantly running out late at night and paying a ridiculous amount for these cartridges that I was flying through while I prepped my heart out. This is how simple it is: you sign up and link your printer, the website tracks your levels while you prep away, it ships the cartridges to you BEFORE you need them! Yes, I said it. It comes BEFORE you need it. This is some sort of magic that I am thankful to have in my life. I've had many people ask what print package I have, and I chose the 500 pages. This is not an option when you sign up online, but you get it by calling customer service. They are seriously as nice as the people at Chick-Fil-A and we all need that in our lives!

I've linked my handy dandy printer below. Please snatch up the adorable pink color they now have available! Also, I will link my referral link for HP instant ink so that you can enjoy a free month on me!

Printer -

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